FEB 2014
Oh my...I´m so sorry & feel ashamed I haven´t updated
the english part of my website in so long :(
I´m trying to make up for it, working on a new-ish
& updated look right now and sharing pictures more
regularly again.

Don´t hesitate to contact me if you´re interested in a session
with me.

I´m looking forward to hearing from you :)

Please check back regularly for an updated travelschedule.

July 12. - 19. 2014 >>>> Rostock | Kiel | Hamburg | Bremen
more infos VERY SOON!

Don´t hesitate to send me an Email or call to inquire about possible sessiondates in your city/country.


July 24 th

11:15 am


We´re working on our Bucketlist…and just ignored the raindrops today, exploring the area I grew up in. We had so much fun and I think I´m letting the pictures do the talking :)

Exhausted from a day well spent outside, but very, very happy :)

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Are you guys enjoying your summer as much?
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July 15 th

5:54 am

In the light of current events…biggest WORLD CHAMPION HAPPY over here :)

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You guys, did you share the thrill or are you glad it´s all over now? Who is/was in Berlin celebrating with our boys today? (lucky you! ;) )
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July 10 th

12:14 pm

Photoshooting | Pregnancy

Words could not describe how much fun I had during our session and how happy it made me…I´m going to let the pictures speak for themselves :)

The little namesake is from one of their favourite countries, Afrika…just like those beautiful images in the background…that´s why he had to be in the pictures & I think he worked it really well :)

Those two…that love…that glow…ooooh, I didn´t want to stop photographing those two…

The house is designed in collaboration with a friend of them, who is a very dear repeat client also…LOVED it :)

Me= happy, happy, HAPPY :D

We created those images 3 weeks before the wee dude was born…in the meantime I was able to hold him in my arms (aaaaah, my mama heart…I was THIS close to take him with me ;) ) & now I can´t wait to have him in front of my lens too…together with his wonderful parents…eeeep :)
THANK YOU for a very beautiful time with you lovely folk!!!

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You guys, enjoy a beautiful weekend and don´t forget to check my Facebook or Twitter once in a while, to always stay up to date and to see what/who inspires me :)

July 3 rd

11:12 am


Firstly a wee reminder for my road trip into the north :)

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Only 1 more week and our kindergartensummerholidays are about to start…I so can´t wait for a time without time pressure and appointments…where I can sleep in (HAHAAAA…) enjoy my rascals to the fullest and where we can do and see fun things…just as we please…because we definitely need some time to relax and do-nothing too :)
Here´s our little Inspirationbucketlist

Amongst those things we want to
• see “Pippi” at the Zitadelle Spandau Open-Air-theatre
• make yummy homemade icecream :)

And because we love to be outside, there´s definitely going to be lots of “exploring” too ;)

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I love to shop for my two, so I made a list of our favourites for little ladies and rascals :)
Find a list of our favourite shops on our Shoplove-Page <3
Summer Favourites for Girls

1. Cardigan [ZARA]
2. Noe & Zoe Dress [Fräulein & Matrose]
3. Salt-Water Originals [Fräulein & Matrose]
4. Bathing Suit Ida Rollergirl [Walking the cat]
5. Bikini [ZARA]
6. Soft Gallery T-Shirt [Fräulein & Matrose]
7. Jeans Shorts [ZARA]
8. Crochet tiny Toms [TOMS]

Summer Favourites for Boys

1. T-Shirt Sailor [Walking the cat]
2. Jeans Shorts [ZARA]
3. Ash Canvas tiny Toms [TOMS]
4. Hat & 5. Shorts [ZARA]
6. Bobo Choses T-Shirt [Babyssimo]
7. Print Leggings [ZARA]
8. Salt-Water Originals [Fräulein & Matrose]

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You guys, do you have a summerbucketlist? And what fashionfavourites are on top of your must-have-list?
Have a beautiful rest of the week and a very memorable summer!!!
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June 25 th

10:59 am


Now it´s official…I had to switch a few dates around, but…I will be roadtripping my way through Northern Germany from July 12th – 19th 2014 and I´m sooo looking forward to photograph sweet families along the way. Shoot me a quick Email, if you want on my roadtriplist….cannot wait to meet YOU :)