FEB 2014
Oh my...I´m so sorry & feel ashamed I haven´t updated
the english part of my website in so long :(
I´m trying to make up for it, working on a new-ish
& updated look right now and sharing pictures more
regularly again.

Don´t hesitate to contact me if you´re interested in a session
with me.

I´m looking forward to hearing from you :)

Please check back regularly for an updated travelschedule.

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April 20 th

7:50 am

Hope you have a beautiful one :)

April 10 th

5:57 am

Weekends II

We had grand plans for the last weekend, but then murphy decided to laugh out loud and mess everything up a little ;)
All of last week my pumpkin was not feeling her best, but everything got worse on friday…first she threw up in the car (yeah….NOT!), then directly in front of the doorway and then all morning on the couch…I felt awful right with her :(
The virus came with a rash, that kept us up ALL night, because the poor thing could´t stop scratching herself…consequently I had the biggest headache on saturday…(while pumpkin fortunately felt much better!)

So we took it very easy and slow that day and besides lots of cuddling, sleeping, fresh air & sunshine, the little rascals enjoyed quite a bit of time in the bathtub with all their friends :)

I could watch them playing for hours…and have to chuckle a little inside at what they´re reenacting ;)

Sunday was, due to the most beautiful weather, spent mostly outside at my parents´. I did not take any pictures, due to taking care of my head ;)
In retrospect a quite relaxing weekend actually, that we enjoyed more or less at times ;)

How was your weekend?

April 2 nd

4:57 am

Fotoshooting | Baby | Sneakpeek | Magdeburg

A wee sneakpeek in one of my last sessions…more to come :)

Enjoy a very beautiful rest of the week you guys.

Oh and did you notice I fumbled with my website a little bit? A few changes | updates are still to come, but so far…pictures are bigger now, everything is a little neater and easier to access (I hope!?), the portfolio is completely new (though too slow to load in the beginning for my taste…how is it looking on your end!?).
What do you think? I would love to hear some feedback & am grateful for that in advance :)

March 13 th

12:25 pm


It took me a while (I am still working on updating the whole website though!), but here I am again ;)
I´ve been posting more frequently over on the german blog and started a new series sharing a bit about our weekends.

Last week our 4 month long carnival season (also called the 5th season of the year over here) ended with a big carnival bash in kindergarten.
The muffin boy really badly wanted to be a tiger (it´s ALL about tigers for him right now)…and because it *cough* came all so fast…and I didn´t have enough time *coughcough* to make it myself…uhm…this was the only costume left in the store…a bit big…but he was the happiest little boy EVER, growling around like a tiger ;)

My sweet pumpkin wanted to be a ballerina…with attitude (and a scratch on her forehead!) of course ;)
She even went to her first ballet class…with moderate enthusiasm though…she basically really liked it, but I think what´s in her way often is her being so shy (which I can totally relate to…)…well and the fact, that to attend I had to pick her up before teatime from kindergarten…”but I want to play and eat with my friiiends…” (I´m not going to tell you that if they could, they would stay to play until their kindergarten closes…at least they love it there ;)

Eeeeep <3

Those were one of the fewer moments last saturday…just to stay close to reality ;)
It all ended with me putting those two squabblers down for a nap before we even had lunch (which was steaming and ready to eat on the stove at that moment)…otherwise I might have exploded…the cherry on top of that cake was the muffin boy, who I had separated from his sister with a book into the familyroom, while I cooked…that´s when he took the chance and calmly picked a DVD box into pieces…uhm…!

The little wild tiger and his, from dancing tousled, ballerina (her gaze is telling me, that she is “pleasethankyou” over with our little session HA ;)

The afternoon went a lot easier on all of us…we soaked up that wonderful sunshine going on a bike ride, eat ice-cream and people watch :)

Sunday we got our bikes out before lunch and rode them – passing our zoo, a horse ranch, through the woods and over a little stream – to my parents, who waited with a BBQ.

My beloved girl, who is so incredibly similar to me in her whole way of being <3

My favourite wee dude, whose little friends haaad to join us on our bike ride ;)

Have a cookie when you made it to this point ;) Thank you so much for listening!
How was your weekend?

December 22 nd

11:45 am

Happy Holidays

I can´t believe I neglected my english part of the site & readers for over a year…WOW!
LOTS has happened since then…

Right now I just wanted to warmly wish you happy holidays though. Enjoy a very magical & beautiful time and moments with your favourite people!
I´ll be back very soon, I promise :)

All the best,