At the lake…

We´ve spent loads of time at different lakes in our area those past few weeks…that time…all day, every day outside…fresh air, sun, playing at/in the water, learning to swim, picnics (it definitely tastes much better outside, right!?)…I can´t put into words how happy it makes me…
I always thought I was more of a spring/fall kind of girl…not since I have kids…
The cooler mornings right now make me think of fall ahead and I have to admit, that I´m getting kind of melancholy…clocks are ticking more slowly in the summer…and we enjoy that sooo much!

Like mama (though I´m not that big of a fan of two different polishes ;), like…children…even the muffin boy really enjoys our Mani/Pedisessions :) (though it´s his sisters feet in the pic above)

Who needs waterslides, if you can just try jumping as hiiiigh as you can from a little “hill” into the water ;)

The rascals could sit there all day, playing contently or just watching the other kids splash around…I love that!

What is making you really happy this summer??? Are you going to share with us? :)

Kleidchen >>> loved 3 years already via momolorelai <3 Sandals >>> Saltwater-Sandals via Fraeulein & Matrose
white shirt >>> via Vertbaudet (last years collection)
VW-Bus shirt >>> a birthdaypresent
Sandals >>> Bisgaard inherited from his sister

>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Enjoy a beautiful weekend you guys and don´t forget to check my Facebook or Twitter once in a while, to always stay up to date and to see what/who inspires me :)

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